Here we go! Pre-Post Covid escapes

Here we go! Pre-Post Covid escapes

It feels a momentous week. I’m cautious not to herald too soon the Post-Covid era. Globally there is still much to be done, and many places still struggling to cope, and vaccinate. BUT, it feels like we’re getting there, a Pre-Post-Covid world if you will. With some caution, and compliance I find myself about to embark on some ‘normal’ activities. Attending and speaking at industry events, in the UK and overseas.

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This Friday and Saturday I’ll be attending Fully Charged Live (Outdoors) in the UK. I’ll be a panelist on this topic, with BAFTA award winning presenter Maddie Moate as moderator. I love Fully Charged. It’s far more of a consumer orientated event than I usually attend, though Friday is the ‘Business’ day. But what ‘energy’ there is. It’s a real boost to see and hear so many of the public so engaged with the mobility and energy transitions. After nearly two years housebound, it will be so energizing to be in such an environment. Sharing some things that are obvious to those of us who live in the cleantech ‘bubble’ but new to those outside, but who are desperate to learn and participate in the transitions. If you can get there but haven’t yet booked you can do so here

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If you want to know more about what is going on, about all the talks, technologies and EV test-drives going on, I discussed all of this and more on my Leaders in Cleantech podcast recently. you can listen to that conversation with Robert Llewellyn and Dan Caesar here. It will be a big gathering, but all necesary precautions are in place, and a big open outdoor space. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in our cleantech bubble. But in reality, much more can be done by us sharing our knowledge with the keen consumers and general public, than in the many insular events we often find ourselves at. Fun though they can be.

Next week, I’ll be flying, on a plane, to a different country! Amazing! In truth, one of the good things that have come from the pandemic is the realisation that we don’t need to travel so much, and that some events can be hosted online, and not everything needs to be face to face. In 2019 I felt like I was pretty much never out of an airport or hotel, traveling for business meetings and events. At Hyperion we offset all of our employees annual carbon footprint. Offsetting isn’t ideal, or a full solution, but it helps, while we decarbonise all of our transport and energy use. 

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The reality is though that we do need social interaction, we are social animals, and in business, and all personal relationships, face to face matters. It makes life more enjoyable, it forms bonds, it enhances relationships, it builds trust, and as such it helps in business. This is all incredibly important for the start-up -VC meetings and conversations. Did deals get done during the pandemic. Yes. Did events, such as EcoSummit happen in the pandemic. Yes. But without a doubt we are all looking forward to doing more business, building more collaborations, and driving more disruption and change, when we can meet and fist bump (if not shake hands). I’m delighted again to be speaking at EcoSummit in Berlin, to supporting founders and start-ups to raise capital, and to help VC’s find the best places to make an impact as they deploy their money. You can see the agenda here.

If all is still well, I hope to meeting some key supporters in the US, as we build the Hyperion Executive Search team there. We have been incredibly busy across Europe and North America in the last year, scaling our business, to help our clients scale. Hiring strategically important leadership roles, and building teams for some of the most innovative cleantech companies in the world. As we hopefully, tentatively, enter the beginning of the post-pandemic world, how much more can we hopefully achieve, as a cleantech community. Collaborating, supporting, connecting and having real impact.

I look forward to engaging with real human beings (ones I’m not related too!) in the coming weeks. If you are attending any such events reach out for a chat or a coffee. You can always see where I’ll be attending here.

How are you feeling about meeting people again? Are you nervous, overjoyed or ambivalent?

We’ve all been affected by the Covid pandemic in differnent ways, some people very directly, some fortunatley not, but we have ALL been affected in some way. It’s important to recognise that, and to be empathetic and to those who have found it harder than others. It can’t just be back to ‘business as normal’ It’s important we acknowledge and learn from all that has happened in the last couple of years. The good and the bad. Give people space, literal and metaphorical. But let’s get back to doing what we do best, being socially minded, being driven by a clear mission, and enjoying the challenges ahead.

What events are you most looking forward to and why? Would love to hear your thoughts, and maybe turn those virtual coffees into real ones!


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